Decoration, professional wall decor,paintings and technology in visual art by Saugy living in valais Swtzerland


Professional walls decors and paintings by Catherine de Saugy are totally personal and instantly identifiable. Saugy, who lives and works in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, has developped a tecnique that combines her mix media painting and digital manipulation. The originality of her art stirs her taste for paint as medium with her love of space and transparency; she blends them all with sense of movement, depth and colors. Her innovative very contemporary technological approach to plastic art allows Catherine de Saugy’s decoration to show her rich and poetic imagination. Adding structures to her painting, carefully calculating equilibrium into vibrating but controlled colours, Saugy’s pictural world strike the spectator. The use of state of the art technology on Plexiglas (PPMA) reinforces the play of shadow and light and the dreamlike atmosphere in her paintings and decoration. Saugy artwork and wall décor has been noticed by international art critics.

Personalized wall decor, artwoks, paintings, harmony in the creations by Saugy

Regarding decoration, painting and technology result in the creation of personalized wall decor. Adding spectacular 3D effects, fitting any space, particularily ones needing to look larger, these wall decor creations are, for example, choosen by foundation, corporations and hospitals to enhance their premises.

From her fervor for Music and polyphony by Monteverdi, Purcell, Bach, Mozart, Saugy draws her aspiration for Hamony, an aesthetic ideal for beauty she doesn’t think to give up. Her volcanic or Zen, cosmic or flamboyant themes, create a personalized, private or public, artwork attracting viewers into a mysterious universe where the void vies with the created, a timeless artwork offering a feeling of freedom and space, as well included in her wall decor.

With her unique technique, Saugy creates portraits, yours or the portrait of a loved one you wish to celebrate. These portraits are crystallizing a life story, a happy event, a prestigious award.